Free MBOX Viewer

A valuable program to view orphan MBOX files

  • Access any MBOX files, corrupted, normal and password protected
  • Provide clean view of all its data
  • Show the attachments of MBOX files
  • Free software to install in your Windows 10, 7, 8 and any latest versions of the OS (32 + 64 bit)
  • Three simple clicks to view MBOX mails, all its elements
  • Access MBOX files created in any of its supportive email clients including Thunderbird, WLM, Poco Mail etc…
MBOX stands for MailBox which is one of the most widely used file format to store email messages on hard drive and a host of email clients like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, WLM etc… Due to its higher compatibility level it is liked to use often. MBOX files open with its supportive mails. In case there is no supporting email client to view MBOX files, the best way is to use our free MBOX Viewer. Users can use the app even if the MBOX file is not opening due to any reason like corruption and password protection.

Key Defined Features of MBOX Viewer

Show View of Only Targeted MBOX

It has ‘add file’ feature that allows you to filter out a specified MBOX file from the local folders and sub-folders. Just browse the local folders to find out the targeted file. The tool scans the particular MBOX file in just a few seconds and uploads it to the software.

View Whole Data & Attachments

The MBOX Opener is so sophisticated app. It provides clean view of the whole data stored in the MBOX format. You can view the email body including CC, BCC, To, From and attachments. The preview pan provides a systematic view of a particular MBOX file.

A Straightforward Program

The utility is straightforward. It doesn’t need technical help in configuration, installation and work operation. The wizard features a few tab with preview panes to feature each mail of an MBOX file clearly. It installs quickly to Windows because it is lightweight.

Show Corrupted, Normal & Protected MBOX

The app enables you to view those MBOX files that are inaccessible due to any reason like corruption and protected with a unique password. A normal orphan MBOX files can be viewed clearly in the tool. It is a useful app in this context.

Show MBOX Files Created in Different Platforms

As you know MBOX is a versatile file extension opens with several email clients like Mac Mail, Poco Mail, WLM and Thunderbird. Whether the targeted file is created on Thunderbird, WLM or any other email client, the app lets you read MBOX files clearly.

A Standalone Program

No any specific third tool is required to install to run the program. It is an independent app that is swiftly installed and configured in the Windows based systems. It works so efficiently on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

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