Free NSF Viewer

Compact & easy to use program to read, open and view Lotus Notes data

  • Open NSF files of your choice only
  • Let you view complete data including Inbox, Draft, Sent items etc…
  • Help you view the items of a specific folder one by one
  • Show details of all items like date, from, subject, size etc…
  • Help you get view of NSF files of any Lotus Notes version
  • Advance search button to filter data within NSF files
  • Provide view of any sized NSF files
  • A freeware program to read NSF
NSF files stands for Notes Storage Facility. The file format carries the database of Lotus Notes data including emails, tasks, calendars, attachments etc… To access the particular file format users should have either Lotus Notes or Domino Server installed. Our tool opens Lotus Notes NSF files in the occasion when you need to view theses file but you don’t have the access of Lotus Notes Email clients. It helps to read such files without installation of Lotus Notes. It is a freeware tool with significant features.

Key Features of NSF Opener

Easy to Configure & Install

This app is so easy to install and configure. The configuration and installation process takes little time. It is lightweight program, so doesn’t occupy much space in your hardware. Once the installation process is finished you can organize it to desirable location and launch the app easily.

View Entire Data

Free NSF Viewer shows view of the entire data. Along with emails, the app shows attachments associated with them. It maintains the metadata integrity by letting you view CC, BCC, To, From and Date. Other folders like calendars, contacts, notes and journals can be viewed clearly.

Open & Read All NSF Files

Open NSF files that you wish to see. It has advanced filter feature that allows you to open any of your choice Lotus Notes files. Search from the local folders and any drive in the system to find out the targeted file that you want to view.

View NSF Files Without Lotus Notes

Open NSF files without Lotus Notes installation is the key attraction of the app. Users can easily open and view the Lotus Notes data outside the Lotus Notes environment. This is a standalone application to run smoothly on Windows OS.

Load Files Automatically

To read NSF on the tool, you just need to select the particular file from local folders. This is the very first step of NSF file opener is to scan the selected NSF file and load it automatically to the tool. In just a few seconds the targeted file is featured in the app.

Filter within NSF Files

The feature is useful when the targeted NSF file is big and you don’t want to spend time in locating a particular item. Search from the search bar of the app by writing the hint words or phrases. The software shows all relevant results accordingly.

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