Free OLM Viewer

A useful utility to scan & open OLM databases without Mac Mail

  • Provide accurate preview of entire data like contacts, calendars, attachments and tasks
  • Quick scan of the targeted OLM file to generate instant view
  • View any size OLM files clearly
  • Preview of entire emails along with attachments
  • Advance search button to locate data within OLM files
  • Work smoothly & instantly with lower chance of data loss
  • Support all the latest versions of Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 + 64 bit)
OLM is a part of MS Outlook 2011for Mac. A single OLM file is capable to store large amount of mails, messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals etc… OLM files cannot be accessed without MS Outlook 2011 for Mac. The size limit of OLM is not so well defined but if the limit is exceeded more than 2GB, such files may corrupt. Our tool helps to open OLM without Outlook for Mac. This is a freeware app. It has been evaluated for its quality performance.

Significant Key Features of Free OLM Viewer

View Targeted OLM Files

The OLM Opener keeps you free to choose the OLM file that you would like to view. It has filter feature that helps to search locally for the targeted file. Browse any folder or sub-folder to find out the targeted OLM file to get its clear view.

Simple & Easy to Use

Operating the freeware utility is not so tough. The software has least complications involved for opening and viewing OLM files. It is operated easily by not only tech savvies but also novice users. It automatically scans the desirable file and loads it. Thus, you don’t need a technical expert to use it.

View OLM on Windows

As you know OLM is the file format of Mac Outlook 2011. You cannot access these files on Windows operative system. If you still want to view Outlook for Mac OLM files on your Windows, choose this program. It shows preview of any OLM on almost all the latest versions of Windows OS.

View Entire OLM Data

Entire data of the selected OLM file can be viewed clearly in the software. It shows you all inbox emails, contacts, calendars and other OLM folders. Users can view emails along with their attachments. The tool takes a few second to show the scanned file data.

Advance Filtration within OLM Files

This is an advance feature of the app where you open OLM files and get view of a particular item instantly by providing some hints or words in the search bar. The tool filters the particular item from an OLM file. It shows you clear view of the particular OLM file.

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