Free vCard Viewer

Open & read any type of vCard files like corrupted and normal

  • A freeware app to install easily
  • Simple graphical interface to operate independently
  • Open vCard data of any size
  • Generate clean preview of vCard files in just a few minutes
  • Open vCard files generated in any email client including Outlook
  • Show complete preview of the selected VCF file
  • A Windows operative app support Wins 10/7/8/XP/Vista
vCard files are highly flexible to open with multiple email clients. For some reasons like data corruption and damaged you cannot view vCard databases. In this context you can lose your important contacts. To get over the problem, our tool helps you to view vCard for free. You don’t need to pay to install and run the app. It shows vCard files in their original format. It is highly compatible to run on all the latest versions of Windows OS. It is a reliable application, evaluated to generate quality results.

Key Features of Free VCF Viewer

Advance Filter to See within Files

You not only filter a particular VCF file to see on the software but also filter the particular file to find out the targeted contacts. It has a search bar to provide some hint to the app to provide you with similar results. The feature saves your time.

A Freeware Program

This is a free VCF viewer. Download it to your Windows computer or laptop. The app shows entire components of the VCF clearly. It saves your money that you could spend on paid tool or a technician to access corrupted or damaged VCF files.

Feature Entire Components

The vCard reader scans and shows entire properties of contacts. All the associated information of the vCard file can be viewed clearly including Job Title, Business Address, Business Phone No., Business Fax No, Mobile Phone Number etc…

Open vCard Files Instantaneously

Without spending time the tool quickly responds. As you select a desirable vCard file, the software scans it quickly to load in its wizard so that you can view the data instantly. It saves your time by letting you view the desirable vCard easily and quickly.

Show Only Targeted Databases

Every time when you launch the program, it asks you to add the vCard file that you would like to view. Search from local sub-folders and folders of this particular VCF file. The tool helps you to do manual search of the particular file so that you can view the data of only desirable VCF files.

Show All vCard files

Damaged, corrupted and normal VCF files can be viewed in the software wizard. It doesn’t restrict you to view vCard files of smart phones and email clients. Outlook, Mac Mail and any other email clients’ contacts saved in vCard can be viewed. The utility shows VCF files of all smart devices like iPhone and Blackberry.

Simple Graphical Interface

There is no technical help you need to read VCF files using this app. It works fast to open VCF file of your choice. View VCF data one by one. There are just 3-4 simple steps to view the particular VCF file.

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