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When it comes to purchasing OST to PST Converter program, people start manipulating several questions. Many of them find themselves a bit confused. For such people FAQ on the program is a wonderful source to know answers of most probable questions.

Could I export any OST file to PST with the software?

Yes! The software gives conversion results according to user’s demand. Therefore, it allows you to convert any OST file for migration. Make sure the file you have selected contains no error or free from data corruption. This is the only condition to accomplish migration task successfully.

What is custom data migration for OST to PST?

It is related to conversion of any desirable OST files to PST. Apart from this it is related to migration of a selected item of OST to PST. You can migrate a specific item of an OST file like inbox, outbox, note or message.

What if I select a wrong OST file for migration?

The control of migration is in your hand. You need to be careful selection of the right file. To get an assurance of selecting the right OST file for migration, use the preview section of the program. The tool shows preview of each selected OST file. The content body can be seen. Each messages of an OST file can be seen separately. It helps you to determine the selected data is wrong or correct. If it is a wrong file, you can select the right one. The tool removes the previous OST file as you select a new one.

What support does free OST to PST converter provide?

The free OST to PST converter gives flexibility to convert around 100 MB data of OST into PST. This is a unique approach from this website. It gives you freedom to export any of your choice OST file to personal storage table. The free OST data transfer helps to examine the program efficiency.

How to get the license of OST to PST Converter?

For more than 100 MB data transaction, it is must to apply for the license of the program. Its license is available in both commercial and personal formats. Choose your suitable version to meet your requirement.

Is demo trial necessary?

Yes, it is must to try the demo version of the program to make your shopping for the app hassle free. It helps you evaluating the proper functionality of the app.

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